5 Calle Esperanza, Luquillo
00773 Puerto Rico

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Luquillo Beach Hostel

Things To Do

El Yunque Rainforest

With just a 10 minute drive from LBH is El Yunque Rainforest,  the only tropical rainforest under the protection of the US Forest Service and the largest nature reserve in Puerto Rico. It is situated in the mist-wreathed Luquillo Mountains where year-round precipitation ensures lush, green landscapes and a healthy diversity of animal life.

Aquatic Adventure Tours

In the town of Fajardo (only a few miles away) we have the Northeastern quadrant of Puerto Rico. In this town most of the Aquatic Adventure Tours take place, offering anything from Sailing Catamaran Day trips to Night Kayaking excursions. Also you can do Snorkel and Beach Tours to the island of Culebra. Virtually all of the adventure tours operate out of Fajardo.

And as a bonus for staying we us we can offer package deals with our tour companies at a discount rate.

Los kioskos

Our hostel is located steps from the beach and is close to a variety of nearby restaurants and bars. We are Close to one of the famous places a lot of locals know as “ Luquillo Kioskos”. The Luquillo Kiosks are comprised of a row of around 60 family-owned kiosks selling food, drinks, and souvenirs. Visitors to the kiosks will find that they vary in style, taste, and price. They’re all open air, and while some face the street, others have beautiful views of the beach. This is a perfect pitstop after enjoying a beach day on the east coast or a hiking day at El Yunque.